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The road is never clear when we are dealing with the complexities of your personal financial world. We are here to guide you through every aspect of your financial life. We don't sell any product or make commission, we only advise along side your daily needs.

We specialize in professional athletes who have unique needs and different time for those needs. As the needs change from

We become part of an integrated team through out the daily lives assisting any issue. We tell our clients often, "You run the ball, hit the ball, or throw the ball and let us help you manage your day to day financial life." ​

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It's never too soon to start planning for the future.

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How much will I need when I retire?

How can reduce my taxes?

Where is all my money?

What can I deduct for taxes?

What insurance do I need?

How much of a house can I buy?

How much can I save from my paycheck?

Do I need a trust?

Do I need get a prenup?

How should I buy this car?

How do I start a new business?

How do I start my own foundation?

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"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax."–Albert Einstein

How can I pay less tax? Is the most common questions we hear. Unfortunately there is not one single magic answer that applies to everyone. The right questions is; "Am I doing everything that I can to take maximum advantage to reduce taxes?" ​

The approach is to utilize every allowable rule versus the cost to implement that strategy. The answers will be different for each situation and will continually change. We will be here to guide you through it.

Where does it all go? We all work hard every day. But at the end of the month or year or lifetime, where did all that money go? Most likely the money was spent or paid to the government in taxes. ​​

The simple yet difficult steps to understanding cash flow: ​​

1. Create a budget 2. Keep organized 3. Keep the GAP (between what you make and what you spend) ​​

And repeat.... Mostly, being organized help understand how the money is spent. Then knowing how much is paid to housing, travel, taxes, food, and purchases will help make decisions to make any adjustments needed. ​​

The goal is to keep "The Gap". The Gap is the difference between what you earn and what you spend. The goal is to widen The Gap as much a possible. Hopefully this Gap will put you in a place when you work because your want to work not because you have to work. ​

Boring but essential and important documents. ​​

Trust documents
Health Care Directive
And many more
All That Paperwork

These are items you just have to get done.

We will work step by step to get the items you need to complete. We will try and make it as easy as possible for you. But all the decisions will be made by you. ​

Buying a house
Selling a house
Shipping a car
Finding movers
Buy / Sell a car
Booking a vacation
Book a private jet
Start a business
Start a foundation

Whatever the task, we will find a way to help. ​​

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UFC Gym Costa Mesa

Michael Bisping,UFC Middle Weight Champion, and Cub Swanson, UFC veteran, have teamed up to co-own one of the best place to train in Orange County. This gym offers unique workouts including Jujitsu, kick boxing, daily ultimate training, and many classes for kids. This has been one of the fasted growing memberships in the franchise.

Members have been treated with with Mike and Cub frequently teaching classes.

Mission 108


Advocating with the marginalized, empowering the vulnerable, partnering with the willing, and focusing on Human Rights for the survivors of Human Trafficking and the extreme poor.


We stand on the belief that we we belong to each other. We envision a world dominated by love and generosity. We believe in looking at social issues through a global lens in order to bring human rights to every person.


Mission 108 aims to capture the human heart with infectious love by means of extreme generosity, faith, joy and the power of the Holy Spirit. We are a Tribe of inspiring people that believe it is up to us to bring light into darkness. Robbie and Brittany found themselves losing their religion and clinging to faith at the end of 2015. Personal heartache, loss, and grief is what drives them to keep fighting the good fight. They both have tattoos saying “Rebels For Life” reminding them their faith is not confined to the walls of a church building or by the rules of religious leaders. Rather, when they want to understand and see the face of God, they look into the eyes of their brothers and sisters around the world created in the image of a perfect and divine, eternal and loving God.


Custom Remodel

This house is an architectural residential show piece. Remodeled an 40 year old 1,500 sq ft house to a 5,000 sq ft oasis in Scottsdale, AZ. This was a passion project by the owner and the architect with unique spaces including a full size batting cage.

The reconstruction from ground up included donation of all original fixtures to Habitat for Humanities for a charitable deduction for tax purposes. This is truly spectacular space.


Justin Trudeau made these remarks that "Canada could be to cannabis as France is to wine." While the national policy has not been made clear, the movement to completely legalize cannabis distribution by July 2018 is expected to be under way. Investors have been flocking to this industry with many approaches towards the preparation of complete legalization.

The real estate holding corporation is looking for high valued properties in sought after locations where the space may be converted to a cannabis dispensary or remain as traditional commercial buildings.

2 buildings currently targeted.

1031 Exchange

Completed sale of commercial property which was originally purchased using 1031 exchange proceeds. The property was located in east Los Angeles in a neighborhood not yet ready to be gentrified. 9 units fully leased except 1 unit. Tenants have been mostly stable but difficult to increase rent in the neighborhood. May take another 10 years to develope.

Acquired in 2006 with owner carrying the loan. Sold the property in 2016 with a gross profit of 32.2%. Sold to developer who was more committed to remodel and raise rents. May cost additional $100,000 to $150,000 to get building up to higher rent standards. Although the neighborhood has stronger tenants on a very busy street, with out additional capital commitment, the property will remain a C class property. The decision was to use profit proceeds in a better property and location.

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

- Warren Buffett -

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